We generate valuable solutions for your project

Transform your ideas into a personalized and user-centric app.

Ensure the success of your app with a unique visual identity and an intuitive user experience.

Our design team will help you create a completely new app or improve an already created app. This service covers phases of research, ideation, prototyping and validation with users in real scenarios.

Our work

Learn about the process we follow to create and design app in different industries.

Shaka: An app to build poke bowls dynamically

App that improved and streamlined the customer shopping experience.

Fitmind: App to monitor a healthy lifestyle

A coach closer and aware of their clients.

Negocia+: Concerned about reactivating the economy

Communication channel between consumer and provider.

Get the interactive design of your MVP and validate its functionalities without entering a development phase.

An ideal environment

Iterative communication and feedback between everyone involved are a key part of our design strategy. Our design service includes:

Electronics devices

Custom apps

Design of user-centric and attractive interfaces for different platforms (mobile, tablet, web, desktop).


Improve experience

Contribution of visual improvements or user experience within your app.

4 piece puzzle

Design systems

Kit of components, variants, resources and all the specifications of your app.

Clock next to an up arrow

User flow and prototyping

Interactive flow useful for validations, developers and those interested in interacting with your app.


Store Resources

We design and provide resources for the App Store and Play Store.

Target Shooting (Archery)

App Store Optimization

We optimize the content of your app in the App Store and Play Store to improve its search and navigation.

Our design process


We will conduct meetings to understand the app you want to design. We will study your market and your competitors. Ready to take off!





User flow



Design & Prototyping




Our design strategy

Paulonia Studio has designed applications for cross-platform applications. We are clear that your application must have a unique visual identity and a pleasant user experience, here we tell you 4 characteristics of our design:

Logo of a person

User-centered design

We research the profile of your target users along with their needs and desires to ensure we offer them a personalized user experience.


Attractive and simple design

Our mainstay is the principles of usability and readability, so our interfaces avoid distracting elements and are easy to use.

Stacked books

Modularized design

We strategically distribute components and content within your application in such a way that your users identify and find what they need.

Thumb up (I like it)

Fault tolerant design

Your app will have answers to all the requests required by the user, because we make sure to cover all the special cases that may arise.

Who works with us?


As a digital products consultant, we will help you with the entire design and development process, and you will also have all the documentation and resources you need.


If you have a brilliant idea to create a technology-based startup, we will help you validate and get your idea off the ground.


If you want to digitize a process of your company or create a product for your clients, we have the experience to help you.




Get to know some of our case studies

Paulonia Studio has transformed multiple ideas into apps, the experience and communication between our designers is key to the whole process.